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Welcome to Independent Equine Nutrition

A global equine nutrition consultancy, IEN was established in 2002 and draws on more than 40 years of combined experience in equine nutrition, toxicology, sports science research, commercial feed manufacture and practical horsemanship.

Our consultants offer PhD level qualifications combined with membership of professional organisations.

IEN provides a comprehensive and unique consultancy service to major international feed, supplement and ingredient manufacturers, as well as a nutritional support and troubleshooting service for veterinarians, riders, trainers and stud farms.


Analytical Services

IEN provides bespoke analytical services covering feed QA/QC, contamination issues, anti-doping rules violations & pre-purchase examination.

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Education and Training

IEN offers a tailored nutritional training package for companies, nutrition CPD for vets and para professionals, as well as lecturing services to Universities and Veterinary Schools.

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Nutrition Consultancy

IEN provides a comprehensive worldwide nutritional support & troubleshooting service to race trainers, sports horse owners & riders, veterinarians, as well as stud farms.

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Legal Services

IEN provides expert witness reports and testimony, and forensic analytical services in the field of doping control and nutrition.

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Research and Development

IEN provides integrated R&D support to commercial feed manufacturers including novel ingredients discovery & implementation & management of efficacy trials.

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Product Development and Technical Support

IEN offer a wealth of experience in the design & formulation of feeds & supplements offering a concept to market service on a worldwide basis.

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IEN in Middle East at Al Fares

Independent Equine Nutrition (IEN) are in the United Arab Emirates to promote their areas of expertise, namely prohibited substances and nutrition. IEN also provides expert witness services when problems arise? For instance IEN conducted forensic research and provided expert opinion in the recent British morphine issue in racing

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Expansion of NOPS Analytical Facilities

Building on the successes of previous years 2014 continues this trend with strong and sustained growth in the demand for laboratory testing services offered by Independent Equine Nutrition.

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Mycotoxin Screen

IEN are now able to offer their clients a comprehensive analytical screen for mycotoxins. The screen detects over 35 different mycotoxins.

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