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IEN in Middle East at Al Fares

Independent Equine Nutrition (IEN) are in the United Arab Emirates to promote their areas of expertise, namely prohibited substances and nutrition. Drs Dunnett will be attending the Al Fares Fare at the International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Dubai.

IEN is at the forefront in the UK for analytical testing of naturally occurring prohibited substances in equine feeds and supplements, testing for the majority of UK manufacturers.  A new herbal screening service has also recently been introduced. But did you know that IEN also provides expert witness services when problems arise? For instance IEN conducted forensic research and provided expert opinion in the recent British morphine issue in racing. Earlier this year IEN provided the same service which helped clear the names of New Zealand eventer Jock Paget and Australian Kevin McNab at the FEI, obtaining a historic ‘no fault’ verdict after reserpine was found in their horses.

Meanwhile IEN is also able to provide expert advice on formulation of feed and supplements, as well as specific dietary advice for horses by designing improved feeding regimes to meet the needs of horses doing different types of work in different regions, seasons and scenarios. .

If you feel that IEN could be of service to you, we would be delighted to meet at Al Fares this week.


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