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Reporting procedure

In practice, under normal circumstances, reporting of results takes 2-3 working days from receipt of sample.  This response time applies to samples to be reported as negative.  However, we operate a normal maximum reporting period of 5 working days.

Reporting levels

If the analysis finds no evidence of contamination the results will normally be reported as:

“None was found in the submitted sample(s) at the time of testing.”

However, if the analysis suggests the presence of contamination the results normally will be reported as:

“Screening analysis indicated the presence of <name(s)> in the submitted sample(s) at the time of testing. No confirmatory analysis was undertaken.”

Our current normal reporting levels are:

Contaminant Reporting level (mg/kg) Contaminant risk level*
Theobromine 2.0 High
Caffeine 0.5 High
Theophylline 0.3 Not established
Morphine 0.1 High
Hyoscine (scopolamine) 0.1 High
Atropine 0.1 High
Hordenine 0.1 Low
*As judged by the European Horseracing Scientific Liaison Committee (EHSLC) and as defined within the BETA-NOPS code contained in Appendices to the UFAS and FEMAS Codes.

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