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Product Development and Technical Support

Product Development and Technical Support

Concept to market service

IEN offer a wealth of experience in the design & formulation of feeds & supplements offering a concept to market service.  Our extensive International contacts allow us to be effective on a worldwide basis.

We have experience in the  formulation of traditional and balancer type feeds including coarse mixes (sweet feeds), pellets or cubes and fully steam extruded feeds.  IEN are able to formulate vitamin and mineral premixes and supply globally where required.   Supplements can be formulated based on a client’s existing requirements or we can offer new and novel formulations on a shared equity basis.

IEN are able to support such R & D programs through organisation and or implementation of product related trials and analytical services (see research and development).

IEN also help their clients to develop product specific marketing material, using up to date scientific information, whilst ensuring adherence to current feedstuff legislation.


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