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IEN in Middle East at Al Fares

Independent Equine Nutrition (IEN) are in the United Arab Emirates to promote their areas of expertise, namely prohibited substances and nutrition. IEN also provides expert witness services when problems arise? For instance IEN conducted forensic research and provided expert opinion in the recent British morphine issue in racing

Expansion of NOPS Analytical Facilities

Building on the successes of previous years 2014 continues this trend with strong and sustained growth in the demand for laboratory testing services offered by Independent Equine Nutrition.

Mycotoxin Screen

IEN are now able to offer their clients a comprehensive analytical screen for mycotoxins. The screen detects over 35 different mycotoxins.

Horse and Hound uses IEN nutritionist

Horse & Hound turn to IEN for expert advice on nutrition. IEN were recently invited to take part in a round table discussion on joint disease.

NOPS testing reaches new heights in 2013

2013 was another record breaking year for IEN’s NOPS analysis service. It has grown year on year since its inception.

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